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    The Dream and Christina Milian reunite?!

    Are the Dream and Christina Milian mending their broken home?! reports that the two were spotted kissing at the Wynn Hotel in Las Vegas over the weekend.
    The couple, who share a daughter named Violet, broke up last year after photos of him frolicking on the beach with another woman popped up on the Internet.

    Neither Dream nor Christina have confirmed that they’re getting back together, but a source for Bossip said they are enjoying each other’s company.


    Mary J. Blige ‘My Life’ sequel

    Mary J. Blige will deliver the follow up to My Life this fall. reports that MJB is expected to drop My Life II: The Journey Continues on September 20.

    My Life, released in 1994, was Mary’s second album. My Life II promises to be a return to Mary’s classic sound, and she’s brought several big-names onboard to achieve that goal. Swizz Beatz, Kanye West, Johnta Austin and Stargate are all pitching in on the album.

    Mary’s already dropped the first single from the album, “Someone To Love Me (Remix).” Check out the video below.


    Braxton bunch talks man drama

    Between five sisters (and their mom), the women in Toni Braxton’s family have been through some serious man drama.

    Like many women the Braxtons have faced infidelity, incompatibility and who knows what else. But in this clip from “Braxton Family Values,” Toni says her sisters (except Tamar) have go to “do better” with their choices in men.


    Kris Jenner to pen memoir

    It’ll be a little easier to keep up with the Kardashians when their mom tells her story.  E! News reports that Kris Jenner will pen a memoir that gives the origin story of the Kardashian clan, and it will reveal somethings about the family we didn’t know.

    “I look forward to writing a book that my children will be proud of and I hope they will enjoy reading my story from the very beginning, before they were born,” she told E!

    Kris struck up a deal with Simon & Schuster for the as-yet untitled book,  slated for release in November, which will talk about her marriages and the adventures of raising six kids.

    “It is definitely one thing I can check off of my bucket list!” the author-to-be added in a statement. “It’s a dream to write a book and I am thrilled to have partnered with Karen Hunter Publishing and Simon & Schuster.”


    ‘Toya’ full of family drama

    If fans were worried that Toya without the Tiny wouldn’t bring much drama, the latest trailer for “Toya: A Family Affair,” premiering April 19, promises more than a few tears, laughs and love.

    The spin-off reality show, focuses on Toya, who has returned to New Orleans to try to put her splintered family back together.

    While her mom’s in rehab, she and her siblings try to heal and learn to get along.

    Luckily, there seems to be some romance going on—courtesy of MeMpHiTz–to help balance all that family drama. At least Toya’s love life seems to be going right.

    Watch the trailer.




    50 Cent talks movies and women

    50 Cent visited Angie Martinez to talk about his new movie, Ciara, Chelsea Handler and the rapper who is like a grandmother to him.

    “I think I did really well. I let everyone else be a critic on it,” he said about his performance in Things Fall Apart. “It was the longest I’ve prepared for a project,” said 50 who said it took nine weeks for him to lose the weight for the role.

    50 also talked to Angie about his relationships with Ciara and Chelsea, both of whom he describes as just friends who he no longer speaks to on a regular basis.

    “I have trust issues… I need to feel like a person is actually my friend before it starts to mean anything to me,” he said.

    Watch the video to find out which rapper 50 says is like a grandmother to him.


    Star Jones misses ’The View’

    Years after her highly-publicized dismissal from “The View,” Star Jones said she misses the discussions she used to have with her co-hosts.

    “I miss the discussion. I miss the hot-topic arguing back and forth,” said Star who said she would return to “The View” as a guest if invited.

    Star said she made her departure from the talk show a public event because it was an “emotionally destroying time” in her life that resulted in her losing an additional 20 lbs. that caused her to look like a “bobble head,” she told her former co-host Joy Behar.

    Star, who said she enjoyed the first eight years of her nine year run on the show, made mention that she’d not heard from Joy since she left the show and did not even receive a phone call from Joy when she was healing from heart surgery.

    Star also talked about her new book and being saved from drowning by Joy. Watch.



    – Sonya Eskridge and Tracy L. Scott

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