‘Dancing With the Stars’ recap: April 5 results

    The Queen of All Media fell out of step on “Dancing With the Stars” during last night’s elimination.

    After weeks of doing her best to stay out of last place, Wendy Williams was the second celebrity voted off of “DWTS” Tuesday night. Although her dancing skills weren’t great, this elimination was a genuine surprise for us. We thought for sure that her dedicated fan base would keep her on the show at least a few more weeks.

    Also, she was going up against former WWE wrestler Chris Jericho. And, not to knock his fan base, we didn’t think his fans would be making enough calls to keep him in the competition if he landed in the bottom two, like he did Tuesday.

    Wendy gracefully took the news in stride, thanking her professional partner Tony Dovolani for teaching her to dance. “Despite stereotypes,” Wendy joked, “this is one Black girl who can’t do the running man.”

    She also managed to look on the bright side of her brief time in the ballroom: All the poses she got to hit during her routines. This elimination also frees up some much-needed time in her busy schedule. Over the course of the last few weeks, Wendy got very familiar with the inside of an airplane as she would fly from coast to coast nearly every day. There was no way she was going to neglect her duties hosting “The Wendy Williams Show!”

    “I’m probably the busiest person in terms of flying back and forth. In addition to that, I have a marriage and a child and a litany of other things to hold together,” Wendy said. “This has been a wonderful opportunity for me.”

    She didn’t reflect too much more on her experience on the “DWTS” results show, instead prompting viewers to watch “Wendy” today for more of her thoughts on being booted from the ballroom.

    When Wendy got back to her home set this morning, she made a joke about her dismissal before saying, “I don’t agree with the scores, either!”  Find out what else she had to say in the clip below.

    (P.S.: Wendy sent Tony and his wife on a trip to the Virgin Islands. How you doin’? ) 




    – Sonya Eskridge




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