Jason George talks ‘Off the Map’ finale

    Tonight’s season finale of “Off the Map” (ABC/10 p.m. ET) will find the clinic overworked when a truck float crashes during Columbia’s Holy Week festivities. Lily will also put her personal feelings about cocoa plants aside when the muy handsome Mateo’s family farm is hit by a tragedy.

    Those who have been keeping up know that Jason George’s character, Dr. Otis Cole, is looking at his love interest Zee differently now. Otis almost died in the previous episode as he tried to rescue people who were trapped in a gold mine. “When you face death all the superfluous stuff goes away and you really start bottom lining issues—especially issues of the heart,” Jason told S2S

    Jason says now that Otis realizes that he messed up by not pursuing a real relationship with Zee (he tried the “friends with benefits” plan first), he’s determined to have her. Jason says this is something that he and Otis have in common.

    “As huge a hardcore flirt as he was, and this is again where we have a similarity, he becomes a heat-seeking missile for love,” Jason said. “He’s like, ‘here’s the deal: you’re going to be my woman and I’m going to be your man. We can do this now, or we can do this in 6 months, 6 years, I’m coming for you. Be prepared.”

    Jason says that this is an exciting moment in a man’s life. “You’re prepared to [put] the player piece aside and do the whole thing where you’re like, ‘I’m not even going to front like I’m not about you. I’m all about you.’ There’s a power that comes out of that,” he said.

    In the off season, Jason will make a guest appearance on the hit show “Castle” while he waits to hear about the fate of “Off the Map” season 2. (Fingers crossed!) He’s also working on a documentary project about a social issue that’s close to his heart.

    If “Off the Map” returns, Jason said there’s plenty of room for change in the cast and storylines. “In the real world, in these kind of clinics and these kind of doctors, there’s huge attrition because it’s a high-stress job,” he explains. “So, even more so than your average medical show it gives opportunities to bring in new faces and change the dynamics.”

    Could a doctor even hotter than Otis swoop in to save lives? Here’s hoping! 



    — Sabrina M. Parker




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