Toya Carter’s her own woman

    Toya Carter has done more with her life than being Lil Wayne’s ex-wife: She’s an author.

    Years after hitting the public eye, Toya is still pushing to establish an identity independent of Lil Wayne. Even with two seasons of BET’s  “Tiny and Toya,”  another reality show of her own on the way, and a store, most people still describe her as the Young Money label head’s ex-wife.

    Quite frankly, as she told Vibe magazine, she’s tired of that association. “It’s just crazy because everything I try to better myself it’s always, ‘That’s just Wayne’s baby mama,'” she said.”I feel like I can’t dodge that situation. I can see if I was sitting around waiting for Wayne to make things happen for me, but I’m making things happen for myself and I still get that stereotype.”

    While Toya won’t let what people say knock her hustle, it does get to be a bit tiresome for her to deal with.

    “This situation is so hard,” she added. “People feel like I’m going to always be connected to Wayne because that’s how I was introduced into the spotlight, but I feel like I’m much more than just his baby mama.”

    Toya does acknowledge that Weezy is a big part of her life in Priceless Inspiration, her forthcoming memoir, which was ripped straight from her personal diaries growing up. Looking back through the pages she’d written years ago, Toya knew she had a story to share.

    As she put it, “After seeing how much I’ve grown since being a 14-year-old pregnant girl going through all of this different stuff with family, relationships, watching people I loved get hooked on drugs, domestic violence, I’d already written it down in my diary and looking back at it, it inspired me to write a book.”

    – Sonya Eskridge

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