Damon Wayans, Jr. stars in ‘Happy Endings’

    Damon Wayans Jr. is carrying on the legacy of his comedic family by bringing the funny each week in the new sitcom “Happy Endings.”

    The show “is basically about six close-knit friends. Two are set to get married. The bride-to-be runs away during the ceremony. Now, it’s all about that group of friends trying to stay friends through that whole other situation,” he said. “I’m married to the runaway bride’s sister.”

    On the show, Damon plays Brad, who is happily married and very settled. Damon is the only Black character, but he isn’t portraying the usual sitcom stereotypes.

    “My character: he’s the hard worker out of the group. He’s the one who has the nice-paying job. Dealing with his friends is probably the hardest thing he has to do. He tries to keep positive. He thinks he has all the answers. He usually doesn’t, but he tries. He’s the happiest one of them all,” Damon told S2S.

    Damon’s not new to the sitcom world. He guest-starred on his father’s ABC sitcom, “My Wife and Kids,” and now he’s adapting to the challenge of a larger role.

    “It’s a lot more work that goes into it. You get to see the characters develop a little more instead of just popping in every once in a while,” said Damon whose father, Damon Wayans Sr., will be popping up on “Happy Endings.”

    “He’s playing my uncle who I find out is my dad,” said Damon, who acknowledged his father’s influence on his career.

    “First of all, my name’s not even my name. He trademarked me, which is weird. Anytime I do something, it’s like [he] did it. He gives me great advice. I run everything by him first before I do it,” said Damon, who wouldn’t exactly consider himself carrying on the torch.

    “I think we’re kind of sharing the torch now. They’re still working. They haven’t gone anywhere,” he said speaking of his father and uncles Keenan Ivory, Shawn and Marlon Wayans. “Hopefully, I add in a good way,” he said.

    Although he grew up in a famous family, Damon said he’s been able to avoid the traps that some celebrity children fall into in part because he’s always with his family.

    “We’re best friends. I have a very small group of friends who aren’t related to me.” Plus, Damon joked, “When I do cocaine, I go to my basement.”

    He added, “I’m pretty well-behaved. I’m just super low-key. I don’t like the fame part. I’d rather do without everybody knowing every part of my life and where I’m going and stuff.”

    Damon also stays out of trouble by keeping busy. He recently worked on a pilot for another show he described as “the reverse of ‘Three’s Company.’”

    For now, he and his cast mates are focused on “Happy Endings,” which premieres Wednesday, April 13.

    Watch a preview of the show below.




    -Tracy L. Scott




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