Preview: Wendy Williams’ ‘Love Triangle’

    Wendy Williams is helping some confused singles sort out their romantic situations with “Love Triangle.”

    Wendy might have been kicked off “Dancing With the Stars,” but she landed safe and sound on the Game Show Network. Her new show, “Love Triangle” debuts tonight at  7 p.m. (EST) on GSN, which means it should wrap up in plenty of time for you to catch “DWTS.”

    On “Love Triangle,” Wendy helps contestants, all of whom are dating two other people, figure out who they should commit to. “It’s one person caught up with two people and they want to decide which one to build a future with,” Wendy explained in a preview for the show.

    When torn between two lovers, sometimes it’s hard to know which is the one for you. While Wendy’s not exactly a relationship expert, she does use the lessons she’s learned in life to help singles caught in the middle make their decision.

    “I’m not a licensed nothing, but I’m a woman of a particular age with a few experiences and an opinion,” said Wendy. And like any  good gossip, Wendy does her research! Show producers dig up some dirt on the people competing for love. “The person making the decision, in addition to their own thoughts and information that they’ve come with, we also give them lots of new information about the people that they have to choose.”

    Contestants come across some real shockers. For example one man finds out that one of the girls he’s been hanging out with has been snooping around in his email without his permission!

    In the end, though, torn singles on “Love Triangle” have to decide who to dump with the push of a button. See what we mean when you check out this sneak peek of “Love Triangle” below.


    – Sonya Eskridge

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