Tray Chaney: ‘I’m still single’

    Tray Chaney is denying whispers that he’s taking a shot at love with Tila Tequila.

    Last week, Tila tweeted several messages hinting that she’s secretly dating a certain actor. 

    “Ok so I’ve been secretly seeing this actor & each time they leave they’d say how I make them feel alive with excitement cuz being with me,” Tila wrote on April 6. “This person actually called me an ‘OUTLAW’ like I’m a thug or something and being with me makes them feel ‘ALIVE’ as they put it.”

    Almost immediately rumors began swirling that she’s was tweeting about Tray, formerly of HBO’s hit drama “The Wire.” The two are working on a film titled Mastermind in North Carolina together.

    When S2S reached out to Tray for comment, he flatly denied the rumors, stating. “Tila and I are just colleagues/friends. We met on the set of Mastermind. These are simple rumors that should be treated as such.”

    He added, “Things like this [are] usually taken out of context. I’m still single.”

    And just in case that wasn’t clear enough, Tila is also shooting down the gossip.

    “Rumors about me dating my co star in a recent movie I filmed is absolutely UNTRUE!!!” she tweeted this afternoon, adding that she’s snuggled up with her girlfriend while firing off the exasperated denials. “For the last time, the rumors are NOT true!! I am not dating, nor friends with him. We were strictly just actors filming a movie together!”



    – Sonya Eskridge




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