Chilli talks about raising a man

    Chilli is a single woman looking for a good man and trying to raise one all at the same time.

    “I love the fact that I am teaching this young man how to be a man. I’m showing him through example of how to treat a woman. That’s what we’re supposed to do as parents,” she said.

    The TLC star, who told S2S that her son was her Valentine this year, is hoping her 13-year-old will one day be the type of man to settle down and make some young woman as happy as she’d like to be.

    “I don’t say, ‘You’re cute. You’re goin’ to have all those girls.’ You don’t say that to girls. I don’t say that to boys,” she said. “How are women supposed to grow up and look forward to being in healthy relationships when all boys are instilled to be players? That has to come to a halt,” she said.

    However, Chilli isn’t ready for her son, Tron, to get romantic with anyone just yet.

    “He’s 13. I don’t think any 13-year-old should be dating. Dating for what? He can’t drive until he’s 16. Can’t nobody ride in the car but your parents. Maybe at 15 he can have a little something … talking on the phone, going to the movies,” said Chilli, who explained that she’d be just a few rows behind in the same theater.

    Chilli is keeping her baby boy close, and she is not looking forward to the day she’ll have to let him go.

    “The thought of my son graduating and going to college makes me cry. The only thing I don’t like about being a mommy is that the kids grow up too fast,” she said.


    -Tracy L. Scott




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