‘Dancing With the Stars’ recap: April 11

    Couple: Romeo & Chelsie Hightower
    Dance: Paso Doble
    Score: 23

    Romeo brought fire and passion to the ballroom on Monday night with the Paso Doble, but his sizzling performance could easily have fizzled.

    The rapper-actor is a huge flirt, but it seems all that bravado is hiding an extremely shy young man, who is not completely confident in his steps right now.

    “The Paso Doble is a real aggressive dance,” Chelsie explained. “Romeo has been a bit timid in some of his movements.”


    The same cannot be said when it comes to showing off his body. Romeo seemed excited about the chance to take off his shirt for the crowd.


    To bring out the attack in Romeo, she had to take him to the hole. “When I get onto the basketball court, it’s kind of like I turn into a beast,” said Romeo, who played the sport while in college. “I was always told that when you go onto that court that’s your battlefield. That’s your war zone.”

    After a few rounds with the guys at the gym, Romeo found all the passion he needed to tear up the Paso for the judges and the audience. When the time came, Romeo whipped Chelsie around the floor and executed his moves with a snap sharp enough to cut.

    Overall this routine was lightyears ahead of where he was technically last week.

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