‘Dancing With the Stars’ recap: April 11

    Couple: Hines Ward & Kym Johnson
    Dance: Paso Doble
    Score: 25

    Despite the self-depricating comments about his own skills, Hines has become a dancer. More than that he’s become a major force to be reckoned with on the floor. He’s knocked down every challenge he’s come up against in the competition, so that’s why his professional partner decided to push him a little harder than usual this week.

    “I’m having a hard enough time just getting the steps, and now Kym wants to add in all these crazy moves,” Hines complained.

    “Hines has so much potential, and with the competition to this close, I really have to push him,” Kym explained.

    With all of that confidence, Hines aimed his sights high this week for his Paso Doble. He said he wanted to earn the first ‘9’ from the judges all season. Had his routine come a little earlier in the evening, he would have achieved that goal (someone beat him to it), but that didn’t mean Hines gave up!

    By now we expect Hines to pull off something amazing in the ballroom, and he didn’t disappoint this week. Hines and Kym brought so much fire to the floor that they didn’t need the pyrotechnics, and he was in complete control of his body throughout the routine.

    Hines and Kym did so well that they brought the audience to their feet.


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