S2S Goes to the Movies: ‘I Will Follow’

    Salli Richardson-Whitfield is figuring out the next step of her life after burying her beloved aunt in I Will Follow.


    Salli Richardson-Whitfield is figuring out the next step of her life after burying her beloved aunt in I Will Follow.

    After more than a month in theaters elsewhere in the country, I Will Follow, the film directed by Ava DuVernay, finally made its way to Washington, D.C., and S2S couldn’t wait to see it.

    The movie centers on a celebrity makeup artist named Maye (played by Salli), who temporarily gave up her career to take care of her aunt Amanda, a retired rocker stricken with breast cancer.

    The film picks up as Maye is packing up the home she shared with Amanda for more than a year. Before that Maye had been living with her boyfriend (played by Blair Underwood), and the move has put tension on their relationship.

    Much of the movie centers on the various relationships in Maye’s life. For example, she’s not on the best of terms with her cousin Fran (played by Michole White), aunt Amanda’s daughter. They could never quite agree on how Amanda should spend her last days and things have been strained ever since.

    A whole host of people are in and out of Maye’s house, and none of them stay very long before they rush off back to their own lives. You get the feeling that although Maye knows a lot of people, there’s a certain sense of isolation in her life. It’s as if for the year she was taking care of aunt Amanda, she didn’t get terribly close to a lot of people, despite being a fairly friendly person.

    One person who wanted to get closer to Maye was Omari Hardwick’s character Troy. Although it’s not central to film, it was a much smaller part of I Will Follow than we had thought. Although their interaction wasn’t as deep as we thought it would be, their scenes together were very heartfelt and sweet, with just the right amount of flirtation thrown in to pique the audience’s curiosity. What happened with them before the film? You’ll have to see I Will Follow to find out, and it will be well worth the price of a ticket.

    What really amazed S2S, though, was the quality of the film. I Will Follow was shot on a shoe string budget of $50,000 and shot in 15 days. That’s an impressive feat for any filmmaker–especially when you consider how much star power is packed into the movie.

    To find out where I Will Follow is playing near you, click here.

    Grade: A-

    –Sonya Eskridge

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