BET sued for sexual harassment

    A former BET employee is suing the network over claims of sexual harassment and discrimination. reports that a woman named Tameika Dorman has filed suit against BET and is seeking damages from the network. According to court documents, filed in Bronx Supreme Court on April 13, Tameika was editing a video segment with a fellow BET employee named Derek Clarke, a camera operator, when the incident occured.

    “During this editing session,” the suit states, “[Derek] subjected [Tameika] to acts of sexual harassment by repeatedly replaying video footage of her rear end while she was dressed in a short skirt while walking up a set of stairs.”

    When Tameika asked Derek why he kept replaying the scene, she said he gave a very lewd response, claiming, “[Derek] grabbed and repeatedly rubbed his crotch, began to moan and said it was because he loved her butt, that she was sexy and that she did not know what he was going to do [to] her.”

    Tameika reported the incident to a superior who promised that she would never have to work with Derek again. When she was later assigned to team up with him on a Nicki Minaj segment, she took the issue to BET’s department of human resources.  Tameika was later removed from producing the network’s Hip Hop Honors. The suit alleges that she was fired as a result of her complaint of sexual harassment.

    Tameika charges that her dismissal was “retaliatory and based on her gender, including her pregnancy.”

    The network has yet to release a statement on Tameika’s suit.



    – Sonya Eskridge




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