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    Jill Scott debuts ‘Shame’ video

    Jill Scott can’t help it if her man doesn’t recognize a good thing. But she is telling him what he’s about to miss out in her new video for the single “Shame.”

    The clip, shot at the Cecil B. Moore Recreation Center, also features Philadelphia rapper Eve. See what she had to add to the track when you watch “Shame” below.


    Khloé Kardashian not crazy about hubby’s BFF

    Khloé Kardashian loves her husband Lamar Odom, but it seems she’s getting tired of his best friend, Jamie. She thinks Lamar is a bit of a pushover when it comes to his main man, who also happens to work for him.

    Find out what got Khloé so riled up, and what Lamar had to say about it, when you watch a clip from last night’s “Khloé  & Lamar.”


    Black entertainment history revealed in ‘African American Almanac

    What would the entertainment world be without Black people? The 11th edition of the African American Almanac seeks to answer that question in a chapter that focuses specifically on assessing our role in TV and film. 


    “Almanacs are sources of information that people depend upon for facts about history,” said Gil Robertson, who has now contributed and written in three consecutive versions of the almanac. “African American have such a rich history in TV & Film, so to introduce readers (especially young readers) to the role that we’ve played in cinema’s development is a tremendous honor.”

    The Almanac‘s foreword was written by NAACP President and CEO Ben Jealous, who feels the tome is a critical part of recording our history, as it happens, so that the knowledge can be passed along as completely as possible.

    “I realize that the principal responsibility of each successive generation of African Americans is to tell its story based on the challenges confronting it and its aspirations for the future,” Ben said. “I encourage all to read this 11th edition of The African American Almanac in order to not only learn more about our glorious history, but to assess what challenges us today and in the future.”

    For more info on The African American Almanac, click here.



    Sammy plays MLK on Broadway

    Samuel L. Jackson, who is definitely no stranger to the big screen, is making his Broadway debut in the production The Mountaintop.

    His role? Sammy will be playing Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.

    The play is described as an “ambitious work of fiction” that offers a look at what the night prior to Dr. King’s assassination might have been like.

    “We are honored to be presenting the Broadway debut of the great Samuel L. Jackson,” said Jean Doumanian and Sonia Friedman, the play’s producers.


    Will.i.am teams up with Michelle Obama

    First Lady Michelle Obama and Dr. Jill Biden won’t be alone in their renewed mission to help military families.

    Will.i.am has released a new PSA asking all Americans to support those serving our country and the loved ones who support them.

    “All of these brave and courageous people leave behind a family, people who need a little help to make it through they day,” he said.

    Watch the video.


    –Sonya Eskridge and Tracy L. Scott

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