Fidel Castro resigns

    Fidel Castro has officially stepped down as the leader of Cuba’s Communist Party.

    The Associated Foreign Press reports that Fidel announced his resignation in an article published today after his party approved 300 economic reforms Monday.

    He’s handed control of the party over to his little brother, Raul Castro, stating in the piece on, “Raul knew that I would not accept a formal role in the party today.” A central committee for the party was voted in yesterday. Fidel has left leadership of the party in Raul’s hands at least once before, when Fidel had to take a leave of absence after falling ill in 2006.

    With Raul’s experience in office, Fidel stated that he was once again leaving the party in very capable hands.

    “[Raul] has always been who I described as First Secretary and Commander in Chief,” Fidel, 84, wrote in the article. “He never failed to convey to me the ideas that were planned.”


    On Monday, Cuba’s Communist party also voted on its leadership and results of the election are expected to be released today, when Raul will officially replace Fidel as the party’s leader in the role of first secretary.



    – Sonya Eskridge




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