Karrine Steffans gets new restraining order for ex

    Sometimes one restraining order just isn’t enough. That’s the case for Karrine Steffans who’s obtained another legal order against her ex-husband Darius McCrary.

    Karrine recently decided to request an additional order of restraint after Darius allegedly continued to show up at her house uninvited, according to TMZ.com.

    Reports indicate that Darius, who now stars on “The Young & the Restless,” has been “harassing” Karrine with his unsolicited visits since January.

    Although the former-video-vixen-turned-author lives in a gated community, the records suggest Darius found a way around the security measures and would sometimes be at his ex-wife’s property waiting for her when she returned home.

    According to TMZ, he’d call her asking her to “look outside” where she’d find him peeking in.

    He also allegedly sent her at least one threatening email which read, “You should do the world a favor and kill yourself.”

    In December 2010, Karrine obtained a restraining order reporting incidents of Darius allegedly choking her from behind, shoving her into a car and beating her with a belt.

    She also accused him of infidelity. “He cheated on me. You can’t cover that up with a bouquet of flowers,” she told the National Enquirer.

    The couple filed for divorce earlier in 2010. At that time, Darius seemed to have realized the two needed to part ways.

    “I will always love Karrine and her son, but we are not good together. It was just time for us to go our separate ways,” he said.




    -Tracy L. Scott




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