Daily Buzz 4.21.11

    Jill Scott reveals album cover

    Jill Scott is showing off her new figure on the cover of her next album, Light of the Sun.

    The singer worked hard to whittle her frame down by 60 pounds, after finding her thinspiration in a very unusual place. The New York Post reports that the she was overheard stating, "I’m just trying to fit into a catsuit like Vanessa del Rio, the porn star," while she was getting ready for a show in Los Angeles last weekend.

    As the cover for Light Of The Sun reveals, she’s well on her way to slipping into that skintight suit.


    Interactive ‘Fast Five’ trailer released

    Universal Pictures is taking you for a little ride as it hypes Fast Five. The studio released an interactive trailer for the film, which is the latest installment of its Fast and Furious franchise.

    Fast Five, starring Vin Diesel, Tyrese and Dwyane Johnson, speeds into theaters on April 29. While you’re waiting, though, why not take the trailer below for a spin?




    Beyoncé teases new single

    Beyoncé has finally revealed a drop date for her new single, "Girls (Who Run the World)" in a teaser video.

    The clip released yesterday, which you can watch below, announced that the song is now available for download on iTunes.




    Madea’s not retiring anytime soon

    Tyler Perry said he has no plans to retire his elderly character Madea. 

    “As long as people want to see it, I’ll keep going. I’ll keep doing it,” Tyler said Wednesday on "Conan." “If people stop coming to see the character, what will happen is that old broad will die really quickly.” 

    Tyler said it takes four hours for him to transform into Madea.

    He also admitted that he might have gone overboard with the branding, referring to the use of his own name in the titles of his movies, TV shows and books.

    “People forget that Walt Disney was a person. His name was above the title and it’s a great example. When you’re branding yourself and building a business [you] use your name. I think I just did it a little bit too much,” Tyler said.

    He also talks about how he was racially profiled backstage at the Oscars and about Madea’s Big Happy Family. Watch.


    Khloé plays Khloé

    Khloé Kardashian is busy collecting those acting credits. She just guest-starred on “One Life to Live,” and now she’s shooting an episode of “Law & Order: Los Angeles.”

    This role might not require too much acting skill, since Khloé will be portraying herself.

    Khloe announced the upcoming role while speaking with radio host Ryan Seacrest. She said she’d be a suspect in a case involving the murder of a stylist.




    – Sonya Eskridge and Tracy L. Scott


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