Tyra Banks shares stiletto secrets

    Tyra Banks is sharing a few of her tips on how to step in your stilettos.

    The right pair of shoes can really pull an ensemble together, but what happens when those shoes are a fierce set of pumps? Standing around in them all day can be hell on your feet.

    Tyra’s advice is get a platform heel, which gives you the height you want while decreasing the tilt on your tootsies. She explained that Manolo Blahnik math by showing that a five-inch stiletto with a one-inch platform means that you’re only standing on a four-inch heel.

    But, the model-turned-media-mogul still cautions fashion victims to watch the height of their heel because it can really mess with your posture. If you’ve got to tip-toe around with your knees constantly bent, you might want to consider trying on another pair of stilettos. You know you’ve found the right pair once you can walk tall in your shoes with a natural switch in your hips.

    When you get really good walking around in your high heels, Tyra goes on to show you a few other things you should be able do in those sky-high shoes.

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    – Sonya Eskridge

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