Cory Gunz heads to reality TV


    Rap artist Cory Gunz heads to reality TV this week with a new MTV series.

    “’Son of a Gun’ is a reality series about the tough decisions and hard work it takes to make it in the unique world of music; a raw and untamed look behind the scenes of an industry so many know, but few understand,” reads the MTV website.

    The series, premiering Thursday, co-stars Nick Cannon and Cory’s dad, rapper Peter Gunz, who’s probably best known for his song “Uptown Baby.”


    What’s Nick Cannon got to do with it?


    As the CEO of NCredible Entertainment, he’s credited with first recognizing Cory’s talent. Although Nick claims he really just wants Cory to succeed, Cory’s camp doubts his sincerity. That brings about conflicts.


    “Everybody thinks that once you get signed, that’s the easy part. That’s not the easy part,” Cory said.


    In addition to the business, Cory deals with family, his newfound fame and financial issues.


    Though he can now add “reality star” to his resume, the Bronx, NY native is best known for spitting a verse on Lil’ Wayne’s “6 Foot 7 Foot.”


    However, fans who tune in will find out there’s a lot more to Cory than just an artist offering lines on someone else’s hit.


    Watch the trailer.




    -Tracy L. Scott






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