‘Dancing With the Stars’ recap: April 25

    Couple: Hines Ward & Kym Johnson
    Dance: Viennese Waltz
    Score: 27

    Hines has been cheating on Kym! Okay not really, but we found out this week that practice doesn’t end for Hines when he leaves the studio.

    He goes home and draws out the routine like a football player, and he’s even got a practice dummy…err…pillow. But maybe this approach has been the key to his success so far on the show!

    Hines performed about as well as we expect him to: awesome! Viennese isn’t exactly an exciting dance for men to perform. But for the moves he had, he did a superb job as the background and frame for Kym. His posture was up and he stayed light on his feet. That said, he seemed a little stiff at times, like he was trying to make sure he kept up with the routine.

    Overall, we love watching Hines hit the floor and he didn’t disappoint us. We just can’t wait for him to do dances with a little bit more flair again.



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