Farrah Franklin upset over arrest


    Former Destiny’s Child member, Farrah Franklin, is speaking out about her episode with the police Saturday.

    “I am really upset about all that has taken place. I have never had a run-in with the law before Saturday,” said Farrah, who challenged the assertion that she was arrested.

    “I was detained,” she insists. California’s Culver City Police dispute that.

    Farrah, 29, claims the entire instance was a case of racial profiling and considers herself one of many who’ve had to deal with officers’ unfair treatment.

    “I am the latest victim on what seems to be a growing list of those who are racially profiled and mistreated by Culver City Police,” she said. “There were no female officers on duty, and I was required to take off my top and treated unfairly.”

    According to reports, the incident started when police received a call about Farrah disturbing the peace. The singer was released on $100 bail shortly after she was taken into police custody.

    Farrah hasn’t yet indicated whether she’ll be pressing charges against the Culver City authorities.




    -Tracy L. Scott



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