There are no cougar bones in Tasha Smith’s body

    In the upcoming film Jumping the Broom, Romeo Miller’s character Sebastian tries hard to bring out the cougar in Tasha Smith’s Shonda. But Tasha says the attraction between them was strictly for the cameras.

    “I was thinkin’ he’s cute, but I am going to jail, okay?!” she laughed when asked about her 21-year-old college student co-star. “It still feels like he might be Lil’ Romeo—like he’s 16! My husband came with me to the screening and he was like, ‘Oh, Jesus! You kissin’ that little boy like that?!’”

    Tasha married Keith Douglas late last year in an intimate ceremony at the couple’s home. Keith, a music industry exec who manages artists like soul singer Leela James, is seven years Tasha’s senior. And she wouldn’t have it any other way: “I’m on, okay?!”

    The age gap between Shonda and Sebastian is just one difference that makes for some comedy. Another is that when Shonda wears heels, she’s got a good six inches on Sebastian.

    “I’m just an Amazon Black woman. He is just shorter!” Tasha said. “And that was the other thing that was different and odd. But I feel like, as an actor, you cannot let those things get in the way of what your character’s objective is and your character’s need, so my character’s just really wanting real love, and if this is the way that God is going to present it, then so be it! I had to find a way to make it work because other than that I was thinking, ‘Lil’ Romeo’!”

    Will Shonda give in to Sebastian? Find out when Jumping the Broom hits theaters May 6.

    —Ericka Boston




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