Beyoncé drops ‘Move Your Body’ video

    Beyoncé has just dropped her video prompting kids to get off their butts and on their feet.

    Beyoncé hit the lunch room for "Move Your Body," her contribution to Michelle Obama’s Let’s Move campaign to fight childhood obesity. Bey had Swizzy produce a kid-friendly remix of her 2006 hit "Get Me Bodied" for the high-octane workout cleverly disguised as a dance routine.

    At first we wondered why Bey would have to rework the song, but then we remembered that some of the lyrics might be inappropriate for younger students. Parents might not take too kindly to their kids dancing to a song about bottle popping as they "grind to the beat." Instead, Beyoncé fills the time by getting kids to try different dance styles from salsa to dancehall. She even throws in a little old-school swag with the Running Man. When she runs out of ideas, she has kids do a few sprints.

    From beginning to end, "Move Your Body" has kids dancing for a little over three minutes. Beyoncé’s a pro, so she can do that (in heels no less) without really breaking a sweat. The diva knows it’s a little tougher for kids to keep up with her pace, so there’s a bit of break about halfway through the workout. And, to show that anyone can do this routine, no matter their size, one of the featured dancers is a little rounder then most.

    We’re aware that this video is really aimed at school kids, but we know that grown folks will run this video back to learn the dance.




    — Sonya Eskridge




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