Gilbert Arenas and Laura Govan sued

    Gilbert Arenas and his estranged fiancée Laura Govan are in more legal trouble.

    According to The Washington Post, the couple is being sued by a moving company that Laura hired to move from their home in Fall Church, Virginia. JK Moving & Storage filed suit on April 15, claiming that Laura never paid them for a cross-country moving job in January.
    When Gilbert was picked up by the Orlando Magic just before Christmas, he wasted no time jetting off to Florida, leaving behind Laura and their kids without so much as a backwards glance. Laura quickly decided to pack up their family and move to California.

    The suit states that she told JK she and the kids were leaving Virginia to prep for their dream life with Gilbert once he retires.

    Using the name Laura Arenas, she hired JK to move all of her and the children’s possessions.  She used Gilbert’s credit card to put down a $50 deposit on the job, which totaled $25,000. She signed off on the moving charges once her things arrived in California near the end of January. 

    Two weeks later, Gilbert sent a letter to the moving company stating that he never approved the charges to his American Express card. JK refunded him the money. According to court documents, Laura then changed the last name on her contract with the moving company to Mendoza-Govan in order to "protect the privacy of the family."

    The company is now seeking the full $25,000, plus interest, from Laura and Gilbert for the cross-country job. JK is also asking that the two pay 40 percent of their attorney fees.



    — Sonya Eskridge




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