VH1 denies Amber Rose show

    Lots of people are getting reality shows on VH1, but Amber Rose isn’t one of them.

    A rep for the network dispelled rumors that it will carry Amber’s show by telling MTV News that VH1 has no information on the series at this time.

    Sources say that Amber has shot a pilot for the show, tentatively titled "Behind Her Shades," which would follow the socialite as she opens her own store. Although there’s word that she’s currently pitching the show to different networks, she told Vibe.com that the series had already found a home.

    “I have a reality show that’s gonna come out on VH1,” Amber claimed. “I start filming early June. So that’s going to be incorporated in the show."

    Amber plans to sell sunglasses of all styles at her shop, but there would be a special emphasis on vintage shades. "The shop isn’t up right now. You’ll see the process I have to go through… It’s not really easy to get a store and get people to come," she shared.

    The store will only be a small part of the would-be series. "My show’s gonna be an open book of my life, my family, my businesses," Amber explained. "It’s everything that’s behind them that people don’t know about but they’ll learn and part of that is my shade shop.”




    — Sonya Eskridge




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