Friday Funnies: Longformers

    The world is still buzzing about President Barack Obama releasing his birth certificate, but what did it mean for Black people?

    When the president released the long form of his birth certficate earlier this week, it was the second time he’s proven that he was born in the U.S. He released a shorter copy of the document years ago to quiet suspicion that he’s not actually an American citizen.

    One correspondent for Comedy Central’s "The Daily Show" thinks Barack made the wrong move, though. Why? It blows his whole aura of mystery that made him that much cooler! 


    As expected, many Birthers won’t acknowledge that they were wrong about the president’s eligibility. In fact, some of them are shifting their argument. In this clip from MSNBC’s "The Last Word with Lawrence O’Donnell," Orly Taitz refuses to say anything about the president’s birth certificate while accusing Barack of social security fraud.

    Orly’s deflection sent host Lawrence O’Donnell into a rage that shows real life is often funnier than anything any comedian could dream up.





    —Sonya Eskridge




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