‘Prom’ king DeVaughn Nixon returns to his first love

    They say that you never forget your first love, and for DeVaughn Nixon that’s acting. After his successful childhood start, doing voiceover work in the cult classic Bebe’s Kids, starring alongside Whitney Houston in The Bodyguard and other film and TV roles, DeVaughn virtually disappeared from the screen. 

    So what has he been up to since then? Fortunately, he bypassed a public breakdown, unlike other child stars. DeVaughn told S2S that during his time off he followed the values of hard work, education and independence instilled in him by his father, retired basketball star Norm Nixon, his mother, and his stepmother Debbie Allen.

    “I avoided that ’cause my dad always told me to remain humble and work hard. My mom has always been very independent. And I learned a lot from Debbie by how much she loves her craft,” he said.

    Still, after attaining two college degrees in television production and business finance and working as a mortgage broker at his dad’s now defunct real estate company, DeVaughn realized something was missing. That something was acting, which is why he now returns in the Disney film Prom. DeVaughn plays the role of Tyler, a cheating and manipulative high school student. DeVaughn told us that while he wasn’t a cheater, he could relate to his character’s lack of self-identity when it comes to being in relationships.

    “My character doesn’t know who he is. I remember going through that in high school," DeVaughn said. "You are figuring things out and don’t know what love is. I learned through dating different people that I didn’t want fighting, jealousy and infidelity. In my current relationship I learned what I do want, and I love her very much.”

    While DeVaughn has come a long way in his career and love life, he doesn’t mind looking back. You wouldn’t either if, like DeVaughn, you bonded with Whitney as she read Bible verses to you on the set of The Bodyguard. The memories are so significant to him that he doesn’t support a remake of The Bodyguard.

    “I don’t like remakes in general," he said. "Nobody will replace Whitney or Kevin [Costner]. It should be left alone as one of the classics. If none of the original cast is involved, I wouldn’t want to do [a role in] it.”

    DeVaughn probably wouldn’t have time to appear in The Bodyguard anyway since he’s so busy these days. He has a recurring role on MTV’s “The Hard Times of RJ Berger” and an upcoming appearance in the Justin Timberlake film Now.

    With such projects, it appears that DeVaughn has found himself through trying out different careers and learning the true meaning of a healthy relationship. And it’s all led him right back to doing what he was meant to do. 

    He said, “I know what I want now and that acting is the only thing for me.”




    Don’t be misled: Tyler isn’t as innocent as he appears. Watch Tyler (played by DeVaughn Nixon) in this clip from Disney’s Prom, in theaters today.




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