Soulja lashes out after Ice-T critique


    Former West Coast rapper Ice-T was a bit surprised to hear about Soulja Boy’s plans to produce a mini-movie remake of Juice.

    “At some point somebody gotta stop it,” Ice-T said. It’s unclear whether he was referring to stopping Soulja Boy or stopping the beef between the two artists.

    However, Ice-T obviously isn’t a fan of the movie remake idea.

    “If the masses accept it, it just shows you the state we’re in,” said Ice-T, who clarified that he’s not a hater, but would never try to remake a Tupac classic.

    He didn’t speak specifically about Soulja Boy, but when explaining why he thinks being a rap artist today is easier than when he was making music, he said, “It would be easy for me today because it doesn’t really require any backbone or anything that comes from anywhere. If you can sing along with the beat, it’s cool.”

    Although Ice-T didn’t mention the “Turn My Swag On” singer’s name, judging by his Twitter feed, Soulja Boy took Ice-T’s comments personally.


    The two artists have exchanged words before. In 2008, Ice-T reportedly blamed Soulja Boy for destroying hip-hop, and referred to the hit "Crank Dat Superman" as garbage.


    Soulja Boy recently announced that he’d be playing Bishop, the role originated by Tupac in the film Juice. Soulja’s mixtape of the same name will serve as the soundtrack for the mini-movie, which also features Waka Flocka Flame.


    Listen to Ice-T’s reaction to the Soulja Boy movie news.




    -Tracy L. Scott




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