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    Chris Brown drops ‘She Ain’t You’

    Chris Brown paid tribute to the late, great Michael Jackson in the video for his new single, "She Ain’t You." 

    Not only did Chris sample Mijac’s soothing track, "Human Nature," he also laced moves inspired by the pop icon throughout the clip. Of course, to make it clear that he wasn’t biting Michael’s style, he dedicated the video to the King of Pop himself.

    Take a look!




    Niecy Nash dishes on parenting style

    Niecy Nash visited “The Talk” on Monday to discuss motherhood and her Mother’s Day preferences.

    “I like them to cook for me. I like them to do talent shows. I just want to sit there and have them serve me. I don’t like to spend $65 or $75 for some dry chicken at a buffet. It’s crowded. You got on a tight suit. Your Spank is riding up.  I don’t like all that. I want to be at home, in my pajamas being served by my children,” she said.

    Niecy, who said she cancelled Christmas one year because her children were “bad,” doesn’t consider them her friends.

    “I don’t know how to be friends with somebody I have nothing in common with,” Niecy explained. “When you don’t have to pay bills. You don’t have a mortgage. You don’t have a man. How you gonna be my friend? We don’t have nothing in common,” she said.

    Niecy also broke down how Black folks name their children. Watch.


    Donald cancels ‘Letterman’ appearance

    Donald Trump seemed to take the jokes at his expense in stride during the recent White House Correspondents’ Dinner, but he’s not taking David Letterman’s critique so well.

    David accused Donald of racism for his continued questions about President Barack Obama’s qualifications.

    “I was disappointed to hear the statements you made about me last night on your show that I was a ‘racist.’ In actuality, nothing could be further from the truth and there is nobody who is less of a racist than Donald Trump,” Donald wrote in a letter to David. “I am canceling my May 18th appearance on your show.”

    Speaking of boycotts, many Obama supporters attempted to rally viewers of “Celebrity Apprentice” together to boycott the show Sunday night. It’s unlikely the small effort affected ratings for Sunday’s airing.


    Oprah offers a tour of her home

    Her life is pretty much an open book, and now her home is, too. Oprah Winfrey will be offering viewers a tour of her California home on Tuesday’s “Nate Berkus Show.”

    “I wanted it to be intimate and to feel like a hug,” Oprah says of her tea room.

    “I can now afford decorators, but there’s not a thing that they do that I am not involved in. I have to see every piece of fabric, every trim, every door knob. I have to see the color of the grout going in between the stones,” she explained.

    Watch a preview clip.


    From ‘Punky’ to ‘Playboy’


    Former “Family Matters” and “Punky Brewster” co-star Cherie Johnson wants to do a Playboy spread.

    The 35-year-old actress recently participated in a semi-nude photo shoot on a California beach hoping the images would help land her in Playboy.

    “I have been threatening my family that I was going to do ‘Playboy’ since I was 18 years old,” she said.



    — Sonya Eskridge and Tracy L. Scott

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