‘Dancing With the Stars’ recap: May 2

    Couple: Romeo & Chelsie Hightower
    Dance: Samba
    Score: 30

    Romeo kind of fell from grace last night on "DWTS." Although he didn’t fall to the bottom of the leaderboard, his performance wasn’t powerful enough to pull another 10 from the judges.

    Romeo thought he had enough personal style to make the Samba work, but he was still having some trouble. Thank God this was Ballroom Greats week.

    This week he was tasked with shakin’ his booty in the Samba, and to help get his hips moving, the actor-rapper got a little assistance from another professional named Shirley. Romeo’s parents named him well, because that guy has chemistry with everyone!  "Romeo was extremely responsive to my advice–maybe a little too responsive," Shirley said. "Romeo, you are [a] naughty boy."

    By the end of his session with Shirley, he seemed to have a natural feel for the dance, which made us breathe a sigh of relief. "Tonight I’m throwing a Samba party… in my shoes, in my pants. I don’t care. Everybody’s invited," Romeo shouted.

    The party in Romeo’s pants could have been kicked up a few notches. Usually he explodes with energy and charisma on the dance floor, but this wasn’t up to the standard that we had come to expect from him. Even though men really aren’t the show pieces in a dance, we expected him to move better than he did. As it stands, he was out performed by Chelsie’s skirt.

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