‘Dancing With the Stars’ recap: May 2

    Couple: Hines Ward and Kym Johnson
    Dance: Tango
    Score: 36

    Hines finally got a 10, but he had to get mad to earn it. We’ve never seen the NFL star without a million-watt smile on his face.  So it was a little weird to see him get super-serious with the Tango.

    But if Hines has to wipe that smirk off of his face to get back on, he’s okay with that. "It’s getting late into the season, but I haven’t reached that 10 mark yet; so that’s my next goal," he said during practice.

    Hines even got a chance to work with a Latin pro, who helped him understand the man’s mood for the dance. He’s got to run really hot and cold with Kym, pulling her in one moment and the next tossing her away like a football.

    "I think the competition… they’re in for a serious battle," said Hines’ buddy, Jerome Bettis, who came in to observe practice. "This guy is the ultimate competitor."

    With that, Hines put his game face on for the Tango as he snatched Kym from one end of the dance floor and crept around the ballroom. We have to admit, he was smooth! The Tango worked for Hines, and he finally got a 10!



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