Daily Buzz 5.4.11


    Waka Flocka’s off the hook

    Waka Flocka Flame’s been cleared of the drug charges leveled against him last year. MTV News reports that a grand jury in Georgia determined that authorities didn’t have enough evidence to justify taking the rapper to trial after a police raid on his home.

    "All charges droped [sic] from when police ran N my house #GoDsGooD #squad," Waka tweeted yesterday.

    On December 16, authorities searched Waka’s house in Atlanta based on rumors that it was used as the base of a prostitution ring. Waka wasn’t home when police stormed the home, but his mom and manager Debra Antney was there with Gucci Mane. The pair were briefly held in custody.

    Although an warrant for Waka’s arrest was issued shortly after the raid, the rapper didn’t turn himself in until January 3. He was booked on charges, including possession of a controlled substance and possession of less than an ounce of marijuana, and was released days later on $31,950 bond.


    Beyonce teases ‘Girls’ again

    Although Beyonce’s single "Girls (Who Run the World)" may not be running the charts, but she’s still giving her devotees an official sneak peek of the video for the single.

    The teaser clip features models stomping around a wasteland in stilettos and short skirts, arching themselves over wooden posts and generally mean-mugging. Take a look!


    Star Jones vs. NeNe Leakes continues



    Star Jones compared NeNe Leakes to a “wild, uncaged animal” on Tuesday’s episode of “Ellen DeGeneres.”

    Star said she refrained from responding in kind to her “Celebrity Apprentice” co-star, who jumped in Star’s face during the latest episode, because she didn’t want to shame her family and friends.

    Star said she thought to herself, “My grandmother’s going to watch this. Star, if you don’t stand in the space that you were raised in and if you start acting ghetto, your entire family, every teacher you ever had, your pastor, his wife and dey mama gon’ have a big problem with you.” 

    When asked if the two are still friends, Star replied, “I don’t know that girl, and I don’t hang with people like that.”

    Watch the clip.



    Nicole Scherzinger to host ‘X Factor’


    Pussycat Doll and “The Sing-Off” judge Nicole Scherzinger will be the host of “The X Factor.”

    Nicole isn’t a stranger to the series. According to People, she served as a fill-in judge for the UK version when one of the regulars took ill.

    The sexy siren will join judges L.A. Reid and Simon Cowell. There have been only unconfirmed rumors about the other celebrities who’ll be featured on the singing competition show.



    George Bush declines Barack Obama invitation


    Former President George W. Bush declined to accompany President Barack Obama to New York this week to visit with the relatives of 9/11 victims.

    “He appreciated the invite, but has chosen in his post-presidency to remain largely out of the spotlight,” said Bush representative David Sherzer.

    The president also reached out to his predecessor on Sunday night before announcing to the world that Osama bin Laden had been assassinated by U.S. forces.

    While many recognize that Osama was located under the current administration, many Republicans credit the former president with the victory, suggesting that he put all the pieces in place to make the military action possible.

    “We thank President Bush for having made the right calls to set up this victory,” Sarah Palin said on Tuesday.


    Raheem DeVaughn honored


    R&B crooner Raheem DeVaughn will be honored with a key to his hometown of Washington, D.C., on Thursday.

    According to a statement, Mayor Vince Gray will present the key to Raheem for his “commitment to the local community through his efforts to preserve arts for children and teens, in addition to his efforts in fighting HIV/AIDS throughout Washington, D.C.’s local communities.”



    Flavor Flav arrested


    Former Public Enemy hype man Flavor Flav was arrested in Vegas on Friday after being pulled over for a traffic violation. The authorities soon learned that Flav had four outstanding warrants, including driving without a license and a parking violation.

    Flav was released but will have to appear in court to face the charges.



    — Sonya Eskridge and Tracy L. Scott




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