Karis Duran focuses on his music

    After helping other artists make their music dreams come true, record label executive Karis Duran is ready to focus on his own tunes. He has been running K Money Entertainment solo since he founded it three years ago in Atlanta.

    Now, Karis is busy in the studio recording tracks for his first album as a signed artist. “I don’t want to just be another rapper,” he said, holding on to his vision of creating meaningful music with a positive message.

    His debut single “Well, Well, Well” will make young listeners want to grind to it and older ones quickly snap their fingers and say, “I know what that is!”

    Karis doesn’t want to stray too far from the oldies he grew up listening to, like Earth, Wind & Fire, The Temptations, and The O’Jays. So, he creates music that both the young and old can groove to.

    Music has always been a mainstay in Karis’ life. “I grew up with music in my ear,” he explained. His father was a bass player and would rehearse down in the basement with his band in their Akron, Ohio, home. When Karis finally discovered his own talents for the craft, his dad was there to coach him.

    Karis took a break from his music to fulfill a family tradition: military service. He joined the U.S. Army and deployed to Iraq for two years. “It was only right for me to take that route,” he said, proudly rambling off the list of Duran military men.

    After coming back on American soil, he took time off to relax, get his political science degree, and most of all, spend quality time with family. “Family means a lot to me,” Karis gushed.

    Now, he stays busy writing, recording, and preparing to tour for his album release this fall.



    — Genet Lakew




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