Paula Patton and Laz Alonso talk love and waiting for sex

    After a string of failed relationships and regrets over giving it up to the wrong men, Jumping the Broom’s Sabrina (a corporate lawyer played by Paula Patton) promises to “save her cookies” until marriage if God sends her Mr. Right.

    Enter Jason, a Wall Street analyst (played by Laz Alonso) who accepts her commitment to God and is equally committed to her. After a whirlwind courtship he proposes, and it isn’t to get her to break her vow; he fully intends to marry her.

    Jason endures it all, from sexual frustration to the ribbing he gets from his boys. But how would this scenario go down in real life?

    S2S asked Laz if he could be in a relationship with a woman knowing that he wouldn’t be able to have sex with her until they got married.

    “That’s a tough question to answer because I haven’t been in that situation,” Laz replied. “I have been in relationships where it did not start off sexually, where it took a while before we went there. And at the time it was something that, because I was so heavily interested in this person, I was willing to play by her rules; I was willing to wait.”

    Paula, who’s married to her high school sweetheart, singer Robin Thicke, didn’t wait: “I’m not gonna lie; I can’t pretend to be someone I’m not,” she said before quickly adding, “I do think it’s important for women to realize they have more power than they realize and to be strong and believe in your values and know that you don’t have to just do something to make a man happy. You’ve gotta make yourself happy; you’ve gotta love yourself first. … And if they didn’t wanna wait, they weren’t the right one to begin with.”

    Laz continued, “I think as a human being you value things that you have to work for. … Things that have value typically don’t come easy in general, things that are tangible and things that are intangible. So I think that what Paula says is 100 percent accurate.
    “My character says at one point in the film to Pooch Hall’s character, ‘For Sabrina I’d wait another six months.’ And I think that that’s something that’s been lost in our current society; there’s a lot of oversexualized images and ways of presenting yourself, for a lot of different reasons. But, at the end of the day, this film speaks to true romance: back in the day when romance was about love, when you had to court a woman and wait, when love songs were about love and not about sex. And that’s what I love about this film, and that’s what stood out to me about the love story between Jason and Sabrina.

    “And I think that’s exactly what [Paula] just said; sometimes you’ve gotta make a man wait, and if he sticks around it’s ’cause he really wants you.”

    As for the woman Laz held out for?

    He laughed, “I really wanted her.”
    Jumping the Broom opens in theaters May 6.



    —Ericka Boston


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