Chris Brown’s mom talks dating and the ‘GMA’ incident


    Chris Brown’s mom, Joyce Hawkins, said that her son needs to learn how to better respond to questions about the ’09 incident with his ex Rihanna.

    “He needs to learn how to deal with it and to answer it no matter what. Be prepared to be able to answer it,” she said.

    Better preparation isn’t all Joyce wants for her son. She’d like him to meet a nice girl, too.

    “I wish he could find a decent, down-to-earth girl that he could really love,” she said. “It really brings joy to my heart to see him with someone.”

    Find out how she responds when Chris brings girls home. Watch.



    Check out the full interview with Joyce Hawkins in the June 2011 issue of Sister 2 Sister.




    -Tracy L. Scott




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