Daily Buzz 5.5.11

    Beyoncé moves in for a surprise

    Just as Michelle Obama was doing the Dougie with kids in Washington, D.C., Beyoncé made her way to New York City.

    SingersRoom.net reports that the "Get Me Bodied" singer surprised kids at PS/MS 161 in Harlem on Tuesday to lead them as they did her special dance routine as part of the First Lady’s Let’s Move! initiative to fight childhood obesity.

    Beyoncé was caught on camera working out and dancing with the kids in a fresh pair of peep-toe pumps—and having a great time doing it!


    Halle Berry honors love at lunch

    Halle Berry raised a glass to her boyfriend Olivier Martinez while the two grabbed a bite to eat in Malibu. People.com reports that the couple couldn’t contain their love and admiration for each other during their lunch at Taverna Tony.

    "They held hands at the table and made several toasts," one onlooker told the website. "It was very sweet to see her so happy and in love."


    Tiger Wood’s ex-wife is dating again

    Tiger Wood’s ex-wife Elin Nordegren is taking another whack at the game of love. Us Weekly reports that Elin is actively dating around on her search for a new sweetheart.

    "She was seeing a banker in Florida for three months, but that went nowhere," a source told the magazine. And, the insider said that there is no chance she’ll be looking to reunite with her ex-husband.

    "That’s it. She hates him," the source said. "She doesn’t see him or speak with him. And they have their custody schedule already set through the end of the year."

    The source added, "The only interaction they have is when she drops the kids off."


    LaLa explains herself to Barbara Walters


    Carmelo Anthony and wife LaLa Vasquez discussed why they chose to have a six-years-long engagement Wednesday on “The Talk.”

    Co-host Barbara Walters bluntly asked LaLa what took her so long to actually marry the New York Knicks star and hinted that maybe she was waiting for his $65 million contract.

    “We got engaged really, really quickly. He was like 20 years old when we got engaged. We kind of did it backwards and we wanted to make sure that it’s what we really wanted to do. A lot of people criticized us, but it’s worked for us. After we had the child, that’s when I started to give him the side eye,” LaLa explained.

    LaLa also confessed that she was a little hesitant to date a basketball player.

    Watch a clip of Carmelo and LaLa discussing his move to New York.




    — Sonya Eskridge and Tracy L. Scott


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