Cheating isn’t definite deal-breaker for Jennifer Williams

    Jennifer Williams of “Basketball Wives” believes there are always going to be issues within a relationship, no matter what.

    “You as an individual have to decide what it is you’re going to deal with and what you’re not going to deal with,” she told Sister 2 Sister. She’s not just talking about babymama drama or crazy in-laws; that goes for infidelity, too.


    “I don’t think [cheating] is the ‘end all, be all,’ but I think if you don’t deal with it, it could be a huge issue. If you don’t talk about it, and you can’t really trust that person, then it’s always going to be a problem,” said Jennifer, who is in the process of ending her marriage to NBA baller Eric Williams.

    Find out when cheating becomes a deal-breaker for Jennifer. Watch.



    Check out the full interview with Jennifer Williams in the June 2011 issue of Sister 2 Sister.



    -Tracy L. Scott





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