NeNe Leakes explains her beef

    NeNe Leakes said people have the wrong idea about her attitude towards others.

    By now you’ve probably heard about NeNe’s argument on "The Russ Parr Morning Show," where she got into a disagreement about being called a bully. Later that day, the reality TV star explained her side of the story during a luncheon to promote her new play Loving You Is Killing Me.

    NeNe showed up to the event in Washington, D.C., in good spirits, despite reports that she’d gotten into a shouting match just hours before. When fans cautiously asked NeNe what set her off, she said, "I’m not a bully." While NeNe was ticked off at their approach, she told S2S that she understood Russ’ sidekicks were doing their job by "playing ‘Good Cop, Bad Cop.’"

    And she brushed off accusations that she raised her voice at the Russ’ co-hosts, contrary to reports wafting around the Web. To NeNe, she simply and calmly explained that she just keeps everything at face value with her castmates, and the public, and rarely shuns an opportunity to speak her mind. When a fan said that she’d been tough on LaToya Jackson during a recent episode of the "The Celebrity Apprentice," the Atlanta Housewife disagreed.

    "If I had given her a hard time, she would not have come back into the boardroom and said what she said," NeNe said of her on-air run-in with LaToya, adding that there was a lot outside of the boardroom that NBC didn’t air. "I will not lie because I don’t have to. I’m not Kim."

    While she was on the topic of the boardroom, everyone wanted to know what sparked the feud between her and Star Jones. NeNe told the crowd that she was just as shocked as anyone to find herself in Star’s competitive crosshairs.

    "Me and Star hung out every day," NeNe said, explaining the she and her now-estranged husband, Gregg Leakes, even went on double date with Star and her boyfriend. "I was very offended when she did the stab-me-in-the-back thing."

    She added, "We hung out outside of work." She was flabbergasted to find out that her on-set sister had thrown her under the bus, and NeNe remembers thinking, "Wow, we really weren’t that cool."

    Although NeNe has taken her fair share of shots at Star, NeNe insists, "I don’t hate  Star. …If I saw her, I would say, ‘Hi.’"

    She’ll have no choice but to get along for the cameras during the live season finale of "The Celebrity Apprentince," set to take place in New York in just a few weeks.



    — Sonya Eskridge




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