S2S Goes to the Movies: ‘Jumping the Broom’

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    Families collide and begrudgingly merge when two people decide to get hitched after a whirlwind romance in Jumping the Broom.

    If you’ve seen trailers for T.D. Jakes’ Jumping the Broom, then you’ve pretty much seen the setup of the movie. After another disappointing one-night stand, Sabrina Watson finds herself promising God that she’ll only share her cookies with her future husband.

    No sooner does she make that pact than she literally runs into Jason Taylor (aka Mr. Right). Apparently, God has a sick sense of humor. The couple rushes to get engaged before the credits, in a proposal assisted by El DeBage, so the story moves quickly.

    Faster than you can say "prenup" the two are days away from walking down the aisle when their families convene at Sabrina’s parents’ estate (which is the only word for it aside from "compound") on Martha’s Vineyard for a lavish wedding. Of course with weddings come families, and Sabrina’s and Jason’s don’t seem to mesh at first.

    Angela Bassett and Loretta Devine play, Mrs. Watson and Mrs. Taylor respectively, two characters whose bitterness complements the others’ very well. While Mrs. Watson has mastered the icy, withering stare, Mrs. Taylor’s temper runs a lot hotter—especially considering that she has yet to meet the bride.

    Surrounding these menacing mamas is a cast of characters that try to keep the peace before Sabrina and Jason’s big day. That task proves to be much harder than anyone realized as family secrets give way to schemes. One thing’s for sure: If you think you have the whole story figured out, you don’t! Everything isn’t exactly as it seems in Jumping the Broom, and we love all the plot twists that the movie offers.

    Ok, so this all sounds a lot more dramatic than the movie really is because Jumping the Broom doesn’t run short on moments that will keep audiences laughing. Could it be any other way with Mike Epps and Tasha Smith in the cast? It shouldn’t come as any surprise that they both come from Jason’s side of the aisle, as Sabrina’s side is a little too bougie to deliver belly laughs. Their humor is a little more sophisticated, but it warrants a few chuckles.

    Overall, T.D. Jakes did a great job of assembling the cast that could break up all the heavier elements with comedy. And Salim Akil did a wonderful job of directing the film to include elements of what drew viewers back to "The Game" week after week.

    We won’t ruin the end of the movie for you. Of course, by the time the end credits roll, everything is wrapped up in a nice little bow, and everyone’s getting along. But how does the film go from breakup to makeup? To find out,  you’ll just have to get to the nearest movie theater to see Jumping the Broom and it will be well worth the price of a ticket.

    And, as an added bonus, there’s a good chance you’ll wind up coming away from the film feeling great about love.

     Grade: A -




    — Sonya Eskridge




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