Tamar Braxton’s not a gold digger


    Tamar Braxton is offended that some consider her a gold digger.

    The breakout star of the WE tv reality series “Braxton Family Values” said the idea that she married for money is “absolutely ridiculous.”

    “I find it highly offensive because me and my husband dated each other for seven years,” said Tamar, who’s been married for more than two years. “Who’s gonna be with someone just ’cause they got some money and be miserable? I ain’t doing that,” she told Black Enterprise.

    On the series, Tamar boasts about her lavish lifestyle and doesn’t mind paying four digits for a pair of sunglasses or a designer handbag. Although she’s honest about spending her husband’s money, Tamar is clear that she’d rather be making her own cash.

    The singer, who released an album of her own in 2000, wishes she were a big enough R&B hit to be independently wealthy, but she said part of the reason that hasn’t happened is because of her older sister Toni.

    “My biggest challenge has been that everybody expects me to sound like Toni Braxton. I’m like, ‘she’s not here, and if you want Toni, then you’ll have to call her,’” Tamar said.

    Tamar’s husband, Vince Herbert, is also Toni Braxton’s manager. He’d likely disagree that Toni has anything to do with Tamar’s struggles to get to the top.

    What does he think about Tamar’s career? Watch a clip from the premiere episode.




    -Tracy L. Scott




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