Beyoncé preps another video game

    A Beyoncé dance game might still be years away from becoming a reality, but here’s what it could look like.

    Last week it was reported that Beyoncé was being sued by a game development company for backing out on a dance game to be titled, StarPower: Beyoncé. But, get this: That’s not the first time the "Get Me Bodied" singer tried to step onto a virtual dance floor.

    A  recently released video making the rounds on the Web shows Bey prepping a game called Mako. "It’s something that is really exciting," Bey said in the video, "and I’ve always wanted to do the body scan like all of the athletes when they’re doing their games."

    In Mako, players would see how well they can keep up with  Beyoncé’s moves in routines to her various hits. Don’t worry. The dance to "Single Ladies" was included—the game couldn’t possibly be complete without it!

    The would-be promo video was shot at New York’s Chelsea Piers last August, and B was living it up in her black and yellow motion-capture outfit and a fierce set of  stilettos! "I have my bumblebee version," Beyoncé said of the skin-tight catsuit. "I’ve learned a lot about the new technology, and it’s fascinating to me all the things they’re able to do now."

    If the game was as much fun to play as it seemingly was to make, Beyoncé would have had yet another hit on her hands.




    — Sonya Eskridge




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