Daily Buzz 5.6.11

    Nicki Minaj (finally) drops ‘Super Bass’

    Not even Nicki Minaj is immune to the power of love! After a long wait—made even longer by a last-minute decision to  hold the video—the Young Money diva has dropped the video for "Super Bass."

    The super-cute clip features Nicki simultaneously showing her vulnerable, girly side as she confesses her crush, while still commanding attention. Only Nicki could possibly pull that off. And, somehow, she makes opening up seem like the stylish thing to do in the video below.


    Jordin Sparks releases girly new anthem

    Jordin Sparks, who is the newest singer sporting a sleeker physique, has just released a new song that’s all about girl power.

    "I Am Woman," which you can hear below, is a more upbeat tune than her last album offered up. And the song powers up with a mechanical sound as Jordin touches on all the things women do every day with ease. And the song dares men to pull off our to-do list with the same style!



    Tia Mowry poses nude

    Tia Mowry has joined the long list of celebrity moms-to-be to show her bare belly bump.

    “The Game” star, who’s expecting a boy in July, said she knows that “there are people out there who say that there is nothing sexy about being pregnant. Then there are some people who embrace the sexuality.”

    “I feel empowered; I feel sexy,” she told People.

    Tia said her mother, who regrets not doing a similar shoot when she was pregnant with Tia and twin sister Tamera, encouraged her to do the shoot.


    — Sonya Eskridge and Tracy L. Scott


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