‘Fantasia’ coming back for season three?

    "Fantasia For Real" is noticeably missing from VH1’s summer lineup. Will Fannie and her family be coming back at all?

    Even though we’re excited for more "Basketball Wives" and "Single Ladies," there’s just something missing without "Fantasia For Real." We want to know what’s going on with the "Bittersweet" singer nearly a year after she was pegged as the other woman in a divorce case.

    Is she doing better? What’s going on with Aunt Bunny? And we want to know, straight from Fantasia, if she and Antoine Cook are still together. Well, Sister 2 Sister just found out that it’s a very real possibility that we might not get the answers to those questions for some time if ever.

    "There’s definitely talk of it being a third season. They want us to move to L.A. for the situation." Fantasia’s brother, Teeny Barrino, told S2S. "My sister didn’t want to do a third season, but I think we’re talking about a third season now."

    Nothing’s been settled with VH1 just yet, but if the show returns, Teeny has a few demands before he signs on for another season.

    "Even on a third season, I’m going to need a spin-off contract of my own because I don’t work for free," he said. "I was spending more money doing the show than I was making, and I was still getting a lot of flack on the back end."

    Teeny told us that he was, in fact, supposed to get a show of his own on the network, but somehow the deal fell through.



    — Sonya Eskridge




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