‘Dancing With the Stars’ recap: May 9

    Couple: Romeo & Chelsie  Hightower
    Dance: Tango
    Score: 27

    Thank God Romeo survived elimination; last week he was at the bottom of the leaderboard after his less-than-impressive Samba.That misstep could have meant the end of the line for him, but he was able to bounce back.

    This week with the Tango, he came back to competition as the dancer we’ve come to know and love! But with the semi-finals in sight the pressure is on to prove (once again) that he’s a real contendor for the mirrorball trophy this season.

    Compared to Chelsie, though, he wasn’t letting the challenge make him crack under the pressure. "Chelsie’s stressing," Romeo calmly said during practice. "We’re not going out without a fight. We’re a team and we’re in this together."

    When Romeo stomped out onto the floor for the Tango on Monday, he was a grown man! There was a mature presence from the rapper-actor, who is usually beaming with boyish charm. He no longer has to worry about looking girly on the floor because—and we feel a little dirty for saying this–he was all man on Monday.

    His holds were solid; his steps were sharp, and he brought a menacing sort of passion to the routine that we were definintely digging.

    Romeo anc Chelsie used that momentum, and the success of Jumping the Broom, to fuel their second performance of the night—a spicy Salsa routine.

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