‘Dancing With the Stars’ recap: May 9


    Couple: Romeo & Chelsie Hightower
    Dance: Salsa
    Score: 25

    Romeo wasn’t worried about the instant dance challenge this week.  "In a club setting, I can dance to any song that the DJ plays, so I’m looking at this as no different from that," he said during practice.

    Chelsie wasn’t so sure about his skills, so she took him to a Salsa club where he proved that he does know what he’s doing afterall. We were impressed to see that by the end of the night, he was doing well enough to take on two partners at once.

    The judges may not have been wowed, but we loved this routine. They really took on the spirit of the dance, which is a chill sort of club feel. Despite a small hitch, Chelsie and Romeo looked like they were having a lot of fun with the Salsa and they pulled off a trick usually only attempted by seasoned Salsa vets.


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