‘Dancing With the Stars’ recap: May 9

    Couple: Hines Ward & Kym Johnson
    Dance: Foxtrot
    Score: 28

    We like Hines like we like our pizza: cheesy. He can do happy; he can do romantic; he can do serious, but this Hines is by far our favorite. And we love that he was willing to commit to that over-the-top attitude for the good of his Foxtrot on Monday.

    "If that’s what it takes to score big, then I’m as cheesy as it gets," Hines said. See? That man’s committed to doing what it takes to win. How hot is that?

    Speaking of commitment, though, that was the theme of his Foxtrot: Kym cooked up a scenario that saw Hines popping the question in New York’s Central Park. And as in many relationships, the woman was calling all the shots.

    When Kym said, "jump," Hines asked, "how high and on what beat do I come down?" Okay, maybe that exact exchange didn’t happen, but the NFL player was dedicated to falling in step with Kym’s instructions. That commitment paid off (with benefits) Monday!

    This was the  most perfect Foxtrot of the season hands down. It was as light and playful as it was graceful. Hines did an awesome job of leading Kym around the ballroom and keeping the audience entertained. The whole routine just radiated happiness, and we loved it!


    After that performanc,e we couldn’t wait to see how Hines and Kym would handle their instant dance, the Jive.

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