Jermaine Dupri sued for child support


    Jermaine Dupri is being sued for missing child support payments for his 7-month-old daughter.

    In March, a judge ordered Jermaine to pay Sarai Jones, a former stripper and mother of the infant, $2,500 a month for the child and $7,500 to Sarai. However, the Atlanta-based producer has yet to honor the ruling.

    Although Jermaine has made millions, records indicate that he’s now more than $490,000 in debt, according to the Associated Press.

    His $2 million home was reportedly supposed to be auctioned off last week, but Jermaine was able to come up with the cash necessary to keep the residence.

    In 2010, Jermaine denied having a baby on the way, but a paternity test proved that he is the father of Sarai’s child.

    It’s not clear whether Jermaine was seeing Sarai while he was dating longtime girlfriend Janet Jackson. However, some speculate that Jermaine’s extracurricular activities are what led to the end of that relationship.

    Sarai’s lawyer, Randy Kessler, said she’d like for the two to “work together to co-parent their beautiful baby girl.”

    Jermaine’s older daughter, Shaniah, will be 13 this month.



    -Tracy L. Scott




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