Michael Jackson molestation claims never confirmed


    Authorities have never found evidence to substantiate claims that Michael Jackson was molesting young children.

    “The Los Angeles Department of Children and Family Services (DCFS) absolutely agrees with Katherine [Jackson, Michael’s mom] that her son never molested any child in cases the department investigated," an anonymous government source told RadarOnline.com.

    Allegations of inappropriate behavior between Michael and several of the children who visited his Neverland Valley Ranch, prevailed for years, although many believed the charges were attempts to squeeze money out of the multimillionaire.

    Michael didn’t help matters by publicly admitting that he allowed other people’s children to share his bed.

    “Did Michael put himself in precarious situations that most normal people wouldn’t? Absolutely,” the source said. “He just couldn’t fathom that anyone could accuse him of being a child molester.”

    No claims of molestation have surfaced since the singer’s death almost two years ago, which could be interpreted as confirmation that those who did file suit did so for money.

    Michael settled out of court with some accusers and faced a court trial in 2005. He was found not guilty.

    “Michael was fully cooperative during all of his interactions with DCFS… Michael was interviewed for hours without his lawyer. He held nothing back. He couldn’t understand why these allegations were being made against him. DCFS cleared him on any wrongdoing in all investigations,” the source said.





    -Tracy L. Scott




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