Mississippi town may be washed away by flood

    As flood waters in the Mississippi River continue to swell, one town could be almost entirely swept away.

    CBS News reports that the town of Tunica Cutoff, Mississippi, may not be able to rebuild once floodwaters recede. That’s because new housing codes stipulate the homes must be built above the 100-year flood plain.

    There are about 300 homes in Tunica Cutoff, all but one of which have been completely swamped. Most of the people affected by this natural disaster didn’t have flood insurance and they don’t have enough money to raise their houses above the mandated mark.

    Of Tunica Cutoff’s 10,000 residents, 70 percent of the population is Black and the average income is only about $30,000 a year. All of these elements have some residents worried that they might not have a town to come back to, but at least one man is confident about Tunica Cutoff’s resiliance.

    "Cutoff is a community where everybody lives from paycheck to paycheck. It’s also a community where everybody sticks together," said resident Jimmy Mitchell.

    Jimmy and his family have been living in a trailer ever since their home was flooded over a week ago. "There’s no sewage hookup. You go in a barn to take a shower," said Jimmy. "We have no time frame on how long we can stay."



    — Sonya Eskridge




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