Waka Flocka Flame’s accused shooters released


    The six men who allegedly attempted to rob Waka Flocka Flame aren’t going to be prosecuted.

    “We didn’t have enough evidence to prosecute any of them,” District Attorney Andrew Murray told the Charlotte Observer. "The defendants are still in custody. That’s why we need to dismiss the charges now. I’m not thrilled about having to dismiss these charges. Some of these guys have felony records," he said.

    In February, the six men, whose testimony placed them at the scene, were questioned by police and arrested. They claimed they were only in the vicinity to meet Waka and that any subsequent violence was initiated by Waka’s entourage.

    The daytime attack that left one man injured, happened outside of a store where Waka was having work done on the stereo system on his tour bus.

    Although authorities initially believed the shooting was an attempted robbery, they found no evidence to that effect.

    “There has been no identification by any alleged victim or witness of any of the six defendants as being present and/or firing a weapon during the incident,” according to the court papers.

    Police now believe that Waka’s brother, who was wearing more than $100,000 worth of bling at the time, felt threatened when the men rolled up in an SUV, and that’s when at least one member of Waka’s camp pulled out a gun.

    “Thinking that something was going to happen is no evidence that these crimes occurred,” prosecutors explained.


     Watch this news broadcast about the February shoot-out.



    -Tracy L. Scott




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