Beyoncé back on for ‘Star’ film

    It seems that the remake of A Star Is Born will be making its way to the big screen with Beyoncé in the lead role.

    The singer told Billboard magazine that she’s geeked to head up the cast of A Star Is Born.

    "It’s a dream come true; I’m still in shock that it’s really going to happen," Beyoncé gushed. "Clint Eastwood is clearly the absolute best, and I’m so honored and humbled."

    This is not the first time that she’s been attached to the flick. In late 2008 it was rumored that the film’s producer had tapped Beyoncé for the project.

    The public didn’t hear much else about the remake until April of last year when it was reported that she had backed out of the film because of a breakdown in contract negotiations with Warner Bros. Pictures.

    Now that Bey has confirmed that she is back onboard for A Star Is Born, she’s ready to get to work even as she preps to drop her upcoming album, 4.

    "I was in no rush to do another movie unless it was the right film, and I didn’t even want to touch A Star is Born unless it was with [Clint]," Bey said. "I actually learned that this project was in existence, and kind of claimed it. I want to get to work right now!"



    — Sonya Eskridge




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